About us


The Foundation aims to promote the mental and physical health of people, the protection of the environment and the sustainable development of society in general through inclusive access to natural and cultural spaces that are in harmony with the protection of animals, nature and landscapes and the sustainable development of our planet in general.

The Foundation operates within the scope of its purpose. Profits and capital of the foundation are dedicated exclusively to the aforementioned purpose. The Foundation has a non-profit character and does not pursue commercial purposes. 

The Foundation provides information, advises public authorities, individuals and legal entities, prepares expert opinions, conducts research in the field of sustainable development, organizes training courses and events, organizes project work, prepares publications, ensures the quality of the projects supported, awards projects and supports projects with the help of promotion funds. 

Key Topics

The Foundation promotes the building of local trail culture and low-threshold access to nature experience spaces to make the trail experience accessible to a broad segment of the population regardless of ethical, demographic, or social background.

In accordance with our foundation’s purpose, we stand for…

Health promotion through exercise and social encounters

Regular physical exercise is healthy. It helps prevent many diseases, strengthens the circulation and body, and contributes to mental health. An exercise-friendly environment, such as access to attractive and inclusive mountain bike trails, encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to exercise more and regularly. Trails in harmony with nature and landscape are magnets for young and old and therefore strong motivators of everyday exercise and sports.


People attract people, encounters trigger movement. Trail activities promote social resources as an important contribution to mental health and a high quality of life.

The foundation is committed to positive encounters for all those seeking experience and recreation and movement in nature. In doing so, it promotes barrier-free access to nature experience spaces and the inclusion of everyone in outdoor activities regardless of ethical, demographic or social conditions.

In this context, joint use of trail infrastructure with other user groups is often possible, but disentanglement is desirable where appropriate.

the preservation and sustainable use of nature and the environment

A well-planned and maintained as well as official, attractive and safe trail network leads to better environmental sustainability. For example, with the help of demand-driven and inclusive mountain bike trails, mountain bikers are actively guided and channeled. This can prevent negative impacts such as unconscious riding through protected areas or the creation of “wild trails”.


Learning in and with nature makes an important contribution to the necessary change towards a sustainable society. Direct encounters with nature promote environmental education for those seeking adventure and recreation.


Training offers in sustainable trail management as well as for the sensitization of trail users additionally promote the encounter with nature and the sustainable use of resources.

Improving environmentally compatible and sustainable mobility for a climate-neutral future

Innovative mobility models, such as cycling, offer the potential for more resource-efficient transport as well as better use of public space. Promoting environmentally friendly mountain biking as an everyday mode of transport also has a positive impact on the carbon footprint and on achieving a climate-neutral future. For this reason, for example, mountain biking experiences should be easily accessible by public transport, so that mountain biking continues to gain ground as an everyday mode of transport. Mountain biking activities are motivators and contribute strongly to general bicycle mobility and to a positive development in everyday transport.

the sustainable development of tourism as an important generator of development for rural regions and the future of the landscape and population of these very regions

Swiss tourism makes a major contribution to counteracting migration from economically weak regions. The foundation supports sustainable regional development for the benefit of the local population, in particular by preserving and bringing to life the unique landscape, natural and cultural values.

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