The is interested in making findings from the projects available to an interested public in the form of documentation, studies, and digital tools.

Sustainable mountain bike tourism

Mountain bike boom and environmental sustainability? We show you how! Together with over 30 experts, the Swiss Mountainbiking Project has created an expert knowledge platform to promote ecologically successful mountain biking development in tourism and local recreation.

Find out about environmentally friendly behavior of mountain bikers or dive into the topics of planning, construction and awareness on the knowledge platform “MTB and Environment”.

Survey “Together on the Trails”

Together on the trails! – Mountain bikers see communication as the key to fewer conflicts.

In the survey “Conflicts and togetherness on the trails” from spring 2021, the perception of conflict from the perspective of mountain bikers was examined. The results are online and one thing is clear: there are conflicts, but also common views and solutions. The key here is mutual respect and communication as well as information.

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